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We manufacture oilfield cattle guards, corner post, and among many other things. We carry feed bunks, feed buggy’s, continuous fence, gates, panels, portable corrals, portable tubs, hay feeding equipment, hay trailers, rubber tire tanks and much more.

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Diamond W Portable Corrals

The Portable Corral is designed by Diamond W Corrals to save rancher time with double hinged construction & 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ square tubing on a diamond pattern. This construction allows the portable corral on wheels to be set up on various ty

Muller Windmill

Muller Windmill same design as Aermotor windmill. 6 foot and 8 foot in stock. We stock lots of parts and well supplies.

Life Time Feed Bunks

Feed Bunks: 24″ pipe split in half with 8 5/8″ pipe for legs. Edges have been ground smooth. Available open ended for over lapping or with ends.

Rubber Water Tank

Rubber Water Tank: Easy setup. These tanks will outlast metal tanks. Less likely to freeze in the winter time cause pf thickness and black color. Won’t dent if ran in to or clobbered by large live stock.

Diamond H Land Leveler

Diamond H Land Leveler: Great way to level up a pad or repair terraces. Straight up and down models and tilt models available. we carry 6′ wide to 12′ wide models but greater lengths are available upon request.

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We stock farm & ranch equipment along with oil field cattle guard and wind farm supplies

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